East Liberty Presbyterian Church: The Cathedral of Hope

“As a diverse community of believers, we show God’s unconditional love by providing refuge for spiritual growth, ardently pursuing justice, and extending Christ’s radical hospitality to all.”

So begins the most recent mission statement for East Liberty Presbyterian Church. This congregation, which traces its roots to 1819, is housed in a magnificent cathedral that was dedicated to God’s glory in 1935. It is a vibrant center for ministry, mission, and Christian hope, expressed through its programs and varied ministries.

Presently, ELPC has 845 members and friends, who attend up to three worship services offered each week and who reflect the racial, economic, age, gender, and sexual orientation diversity of Greater Pittsburgh. The four pillars of our ministry consist of worship, education, spiritual growth, and mission, and our goal is to provide resources in all these areas for people of all ages and singles or families of all types. While it is hard to summarize the breadth of our Christian ministry and outreach, here are several key values we hold to as a congregation of faith:

  • We believe in pursuing justice and offering Christ’s radical hospitality to all.
  • We trust in a Creator God who is still at work in East Liberty, in our world, and in our lives.
  • We seek to nurture yearning spirits, questioning minds, and an engaged faith in ourselves and others.
  • We desire to learn, to pray, and to serve with integrity and gratitude.
  • We hope for a church as generous and challenging as the gospel it professes.

Ultimately, we strive to be the body of Christ. We invite all to join with us in our diverse, inclusive family of faith. Our commitment is to work, worship, and pray in ways that transcend boundaries of race, class, ability, culture, age, gender and sexual identity. And our joy comes from glimpsing a bit of God’s realm in the ways our ELPC community finds unity in Christ.

Here is our full Mission Statement and Strategic Directions as approved by our church leadership and staff:

As a diverse community of believers, we strive to follow God – the Creator who calls us, Jesus who teaches us, and the Spirit who empowers us. We show God’s unconditional love by providing refuge for spiritual growth, ardently pursuing justice, and extending Christ’s radical hospitality to all.

Strategic Directions

Engagement, Participation, and Contribution by All of Us

  • Welcomed, loved, fortified and taught, we embrace a wide diversity of opportunities to work and serve.

Spiritual Development and our Shared Spiritual Life

  • Ever open to yearning spirits and questioning minds, we celebrate the journey and spiritual development of people of all ages who seek God’s presence.

Community Outreach: Ministry Outside the Cathedral Walls

  • Through dynamic and respectful relationships, we work to nurture, strengthen, inspire and blaze trails for our East Liberty community and the world.

The Cathedral as a Place for Praise and Nurture

  • ELPC aspires to provide a place that is easy to use for the new person as well as those who are familiar with us, for young and old alike, those with disabilities and those made shy by the building’s grandeur.

Se habla español

In seeking to be inclusive and welcoming, aspects of our 11 am Sanctuary worship service are available in both Spanish and English. A congregation member provides instantaneous translation of the sermons.

Accessibility at ELPC

East Liberty Presbyterian Church is committed to making our programs and worship opportunities accessible for all, including people with disabilities. Our main entrance on Highland Avenue was specially built to have no steps, making it easier to get in and out of the church building. The elevator is near the sanctuary, toward the south end of the building. We also offer a “Large Print” bulletin for our 11 am Sanctuary service.

When you come in the main entrance, please let our security and hospitality staff know if we can assist you with any special accommodations. You may also call us ahead of time at 412.441.3800 or email the church regarding accessibility.