ELPC’s Session

The Session is our church’s governing body. Our PC(USA) heritage provides for a complex but efficient process for governing. Central to the organizational structure of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is the concept of governing bodies of which there are four types: sessions of particular churches (11,097); presbyteries (173); synods (16); and the General Assembly (1).


ELPC’s Session consists of the pastor, associate pastors, and elders in active service. This group discusses and decides on all business matters of the church, and it has responsibility for the budget, mission giving, and property of the church.

The Session meets regularly to review committee reports, receive new members into the church, to make provisions for congregational worship and the sharing of the sacraments (communion and baptism), and to provide for the educational and spiritual growth of its members.

The Session is comprised of 25 Elders, divided into three classes, each serving three year terms. The Greek word “presbuteros” means “elder,” and it is from this church office that our Presbyterian denomination takes its name. (For more information on what it means to be an Elder, read PC(USA)’s page.)

For more information about ELPC’s Session, contact The Rev. Dr. Randall K. Bush by email or by phone, 412.441.3800 x123, or Heather Lawrence, the Clerk of Session, 412.441.3800.

Session Committees at ELPC

The East Liberty Presbyterian Church Session works closely with several standing committees that coordinate and oversee ministry areas for our church. Many of these committees include ministry teams and taskforces. Congregation members are encouraged to seek out opportunities to serve on any of these, or to be a regular or occasional volunteer for committee events. Following is a list of standing committees and chairs/co-chairs.

Educational Ministries

Christian Education ministry team: Sherry Anderson, Carol Hoehn
Youth and Young Adults ministry team: Gloria Ritchey

Finance and Stewardship Committee

Finance subcommittee: Lenore Williams
Stewardship subcommittee: Elaine Bellin

Membership and Outreach Committee

Membership & Growth: Andrea DeVries, Carla Depperman, Nancy Wright

Mission Board

Mission Board co-chairs: Carol Chonoska, Emily Rosenthal
Justice committee: Carol Chonoska
Neighbors committee: Emily Rosenthal
Peace committee: Jon Walker
Poverty committee: Tom Kerr


Personnel: Judy Menk

Property and Heritage

Property subcommittee: Bruce Pollock
Heritage subcommittee: Kathy Benninger, Katherine Hackney

Spiritual Life and Labyrinth

Spiritual Life subcommittee: Jean Kennedy

Worship, Music and the Arts

Worship, Music and the Arts subcommittee: Laura Ristau
Hope Academy Steering and Hope Academy Advisory Board subcommittees: Nicole Molinaro