Welcome to East Liberty Presbyterian Church

We invite you to come visit us at one of our many worship services or special events. There is a lot of information about our church available here on this website. But the best way to learn about who we are and what we value is to come see us in person.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church (ELPC) is a progressive, multicultural, inclusive church family. We seek to transcend all boundaries of race, class, ability, age, gender, and sexual identity to become one in Christ. We are a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation, strongly committed to worship, mission, education, and spiritual growth for all ages. We offer something for everyone—from a gospel-contemporary service on Sundays at 8:45 am, to a traditional Sanctuary service on Sundays at 11 am , and a Taizé sung prayer service on Wednesdays at 7 pm. There are classes for all ages, strong young adult and youth programs, spiritual retreats, centering prayer sessions, Yoga and Tai Chi offerings, mission trips, Vacation Church School, architectural tours, service projects, and much more. Go to the “News” section of our website to see monthly newsletters or weekly e-Flashes for more details.

We offer Inquirers’ Classes several times a year—usually on two consecutive Sundays after our Sanctuary worship service at 11 am—in which people can learn more about our church, Presbyterian history, and what it means to be a member of our church. These classes always include lunch and are informal times of questioning, sharing, and connecting.

Here are a few words from our Senior Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Randy Bush:

People sometimes wonder about whether the church remains relevant in today’s changing world. Does the congregational institution of weekly worship, monthly committee meetings, hymns and pews and offering envelopes still merit a place of privilege in our modern lives? I admit that I am invested in the answer to that question, but maybe not in the way you might think.


For me the question of the church’s relevance isn’t linked to logistics such as times of worship, agendas passed around at committee meetings, or questions about what is the best music to be heard on Sunday mornings. Relevance relates to whether the Sunday church experience connects us faithfully to the needs of the others around us, the needs of our soul within us, and the persistent grace of God active in the world right now. ELPC is blessed to be housed in a beautiful architectural cathedral. But even more so, ELPC celebrates that it is a congregation that is multicultural and diverse economically, racially, geographically and in terms of age, gender identity and educational background. This means our gatherings look and feel different from most social gatherings or workplaces in America. This means that all our conversations will respond to this diversity, so we talk about “faith plus”—faith plus justice, faith plus racism and white privilege, faith plus environmental concerns, faith plus spiritual practices, faith plus Christian witness in today’s multi-religious world, and so on.


We take scripture seriously, seeking God’s spirit of discernment as we study its words. We take prayer seriously, as we humbly lift our prayers to God for those right beside us and the world around us. We take education seriously, hoping to keep learning from our history, our struggles and our triumphs. We take inclusion seriously, trusting that we are better together when everyone is welcome and included in the faith conversation.


There are many doors that lead into our church. People often stop by to admire the building. I invite you to come by and see what our conversation with God includes this Sunday. It is my sincere hope that, by grace, it will be relevant—and challenging—and meaningful for you.