1. Spotlight: Humane Action Pittsburgh

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    Humane Action Pittsburgh LogoHumane Action Pittsburgh is a coalition of citizen lobbyists dedicated to advancing animal protection through legislation and policy.

    In just 2 hours, you will learn to do more for animals than most people ever will. As Brian Bonsteel, president of Humane Action Pittsburgh and ELPC member says, “Animal abuse is something we cannot rescue our way out of, we need to legislate it.” Humane Action Pittsburgh gives you tools to communicate with your legislators and ask them to vote for laws that would help animals.

    Every six weeks, Humane Action Pittsburgh meets on Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm at East Liberty Presbyterian Church.

    Meetings and topics for the first half of 2016Humane Action Pittsburgh meets at East Liberty Presbyterian Church and organizes to lobby legislators on animal rights issues. Brian Bonsteel is the president.
    January 19 – End the horror of puppy mills in Pennsylvania
    March 1 – Humane 101, Sen Roy Afflerbach
    April 12 – Lobby Harrisburg!
    May 24 – Pittsburgh as the model humane city
    Lobby Washington, DC in June!

    Meatless vegetarian and vegan food will be served at the meetings.