Supporting Local Families Through OHM

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While you may be familiar with Open Hand Ministries (OHM) for its home rehab workdays on the first Saturday of each month, OHM’s real focus is on working with families so they can move beyond their fragile economic situations, move out of poverty, become financially stable, and qualify to buy a home.

To help families reach these goals, OHM offers a structured family development program, called Circles. Through the Circles program, a family (Leader) that wants to change the outlook of their finances and life goals, is paired with a supportive “Ally” who assists them.

OHM is currently looking for both Leaders and Allies. Training will begin in the spring! If you are interested in becoming an Ally and would like to chat with current Allies from ELPC, contact Allison Freeman at or Susan Spangler at

For more information about the Circles program, please contact Jodi Salant at or 412.361.8061.

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