Have You Switched to LED Lights?

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Have you switched from incandescent lights to LED (light-emitting diode)?

Their initial purchase price is higher, but they offer significant advantages and savings. Quality LED lights use 75% less energy, last 25x longer, emit less heat, and have a smaller profile. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if you replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs in the most used fixtures in your home, you could save $75 in energy costs each year. The benefits of LEDs also apply to holiday lights, so consider updating your festive lights as well.

At ELPC, our Sanctuary now features LED lights, and corridors are in progress. In renovated areas, new LED lamps are being installed with occupancy sensors. In total, ELPC is expected to save 30% on energy costs thanks to all renovations—of that, 25–30% will come from LED lighting upgrades.

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