Just the FAQs: Musical Theater Workshop at Hope Academy 2017-2018

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This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about Musical Theater Workshop (Singing, Acting and Tap Dance) at Hope Academy, including the schedule for Saturdays, the calendar for the entire year, what to wear and bring; our safety and respect rules, policies and procedures; and performances.

ABOUT Musical Theater workshop

Musical Theater Workshop 1 – Grades 2 & 3
Acting, Singing and Tap Dance – Saturdays, 9:15 am to 12 noon; Pick up at 12:10 pm unless staying for ballet classes in the afternoon
A fun-filled and exciting musical theater opportunity for 2nd and 3rd graders. This beginning workshop uses games, improvisation activities, creative dramatics and team-building exercises to introduce young children to singing, tap dancing and acting in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. Students who are also taking  Pre-Ballet B (for 7 to 9 year olds from 12:30 to 1:30 pm) can bring a lunch and eat together before their dance class. For more information about Pre-Ballet B, and our other Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre dance classes, click here.

Musical Theater Workshop 2 – grades 4 to 6
Acting, Singing and Tap Dance – Saturdays, 9:15 am to 12 noon; Pick up at 12:10 pm unless staying for ballet classes in the afternoon
Students in this workshop build technical skills for theater, such as voice production and projection, basic acting and movement, improvisation and stage presence. The fall term will focus on musical theater and the Poetry Out Loud contest;  and the winter term will focus on monologue and scene work for the Pittsburgh Public Theater Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest in February. Musical Theater Workshop 2 students who are interested in adding a ballet class to their Saturday schedule are invited to register for Ballet 2 (for 10 to 15 year olds from 1:30 to 2:30 pm). They can bring a lunch and eat together before dance class. For more information about Ballet 2, and our other Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre dance classes, click here.

Pittsburgh public theater shakespeare contest (grades 4 and up)

Hope Academy MTW Shakespeare

Preliminary Round day and time TBD
Hope Academy Musical Theater Workshop 2, HAT Co Jr and HAT Co students will take part in the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Shakespeare Monologue & Scene contest at the O’Reilly Theatre, downtown in the Cultural District. The contest is open to students in grades 4-12. Students may enter the monologue, scene or both portions of the contest in either the upper division (grades 8-12) or the lower division (grades 4-7). The preliminary round takes place during the day (8:30 am to 6:00 pm) at the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Teams of judges evaluate each performance and those selected – about 30 of 1,200 – will progress on to the Showcase of Finalists.

An evening of monologues and scenes by the finalists of the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Shakespeare contest at 7 pm at the O’Reilly Theater downtown in the Cultural District. FREE.




9:15 am                  Drop off at Highland entrance. Check-in and announcements
9:30 – 10:15 am     Acting (1) or Singing (2)
10:15 – 11:00 am    Singing (1) or Acting (2)
11:15 – 12:00 pm    Tap (1) or Tap (2)
12:10 pm                Pick up at Highland entrance


Tap Dance: Kerra Alexander (level 1) and Lauren McKee (level 2)
Acting: Tonya Lynn and Alisa Cullison
Voice: Emily Swora and Gizel Rodriguez
Accompanist: Cyd Pennington


Loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in easily and that does not ride up or expose anything during physical work (you should be able to bend over, touch your toes, and still be covered). Yoga pants and a t-shirt that tucks in would be great. Clean tennis shoes. No boots, heels or flip flops.

A water bottle (labeled with your name), a folder for scripts and music, and a sweater or sweatshirt. A tote bag to hold your belongings. Please do not bring valuables or electronic devices.

Students staying for Pre-Ballet B (12:30 to 1:30 pm) or Ballet 2 (1:30 to 2:30 pm) should bring a lunch that does not need to be heated or refrigerated. Please make sure your child has all of the utensils they need and that everything is in a bag labeled with their name.

Tap shoes for dance class

Students who know their tap shoe size can order them online at Discount Dance. If you do not know your size, or if you don’t have a credit card to order online, come to the PBT Dance Placement on Saturday, September 9 at 10 am. We will measure and order the tap shoes for you. You can bring cash or a check to reimburse us.

Here are examples of the kinds of tap shoes we recommend:

  • Child Beginner Tap Shoes with Ribbon Tie – Style No: T9000C – $14.95
  • Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes – Style No: T9500 – $23.50

Tap Shoes for Musical Theater Workshop 2016-2017

We will have a few “Dance Clothing Recycle, Donate and Swap” events during the year. If you would like to donate clean, gently used dance clothes and shoes please leave them in a bag, labeled “Hope Academy,” at the front desk of East Liberty Presbyterian Church.


Parents/guardians, siblings and friends are not permitted to be in Musical Theater Workshop classrooms while we are in session. The last class of each semester will be “open” to allow observation by parents, family and friends. This policy helps your child to adjust to the classes more easily, and provides fewer distractions, and a safer environment, for all of the students.

Drop-offs and Pick-ups

As a courtesy, you may drop your child off at the Highland Ave entrance between 9:00 and 9:30 am. There is a circular driveway that you can pull into (and not have to park). Someone will be at the door to greet your child and make sure they arrive to their first class safely. If you arrive before 9:00 am or after 9:30 am, you will need to park your car and escort your child into the building, to their first class. It is unsafe to drop your child off when we do not have staff at the door to meet and escort them to class.

You may pull into the circle driveway on the Highland Ave entrance to pick your child up between 12:05 and 12:15 pm. Again, this is a courtesy so that you don’t need to park your car. Someone will be there to escort your child out to you. If you arrive after 12:15 pm, your child will be in the Ballet waiting area on the ground floor. You will need to park your car to come in to get your child. Children will not be permitted to leave without a parent or guardian unless arrangements have been made in advance.

Please do not ever leave your car unattended in the circle driveway Highland Avenue entrance.


  • Sign in and out at the Security Desk
  • Children under 12 years old are not permitted to move to and from classes or private lessons unaccompanied
  • Children should not have money, valuables or electronic devices with them
  • Walk (quietly) through the building and stay in designated areas
  • Stay on the right side of the stairways and hold the handrails. Do not lean or look over the railings or sit on any windowsill


  • Show respect for yourself, your teachers, each other and the space you are in
  • Be kind to each other
  • Be here (in body, mind and spirit) and on time
  • Good attendance is important. Scholarship students must request excused absences in advance.
  • No gum, ever.
  • Please don’t create distractions: No cell phones, pagers, CD players, iPods, handheld games, or any other electronic devices
  • Parents should leave the waiting area or library to talk on their cell phones.
  • No soliciting (that means selling, for yourself or any other organization) while at Hope Academy.


We will post cancellations on the local television and radio stations, as well as on our website, facebook and twitter accounts.


Calendar and Schedule for Musical Theater Workshop 2017-2018


Week 1             09/23/17
Week 2             09/30/17
Week 3             10/07/17
Week 4             10/14/17
Week 5             10/21/17
Week 6             10/28/17
Week 7             11/04/17
Week 8             11/11/17
Week 9             11/18/17
Closed             11/25/17          Thanksgiving Break
Week 10           12/02/17
Week 11           12/09/17          Picture Day
Week 12           12/16/17          Open Classes
Closed             12/23/17          Winter Break
Closed             12/30/17          Winter Break

Week 1             01/06/18
Week 2             01/13/18
Week 3             01/20/18
Week 4             01/27/18
Week 5             02/03/18
Week 6             02/10/18
Week 7             02/17/18
Week 8             02/24/18
Week 9             03/03/18
Week 10           03/10/18
Week 11           03/17/18          Picture Day
Week 12           03/24/18          Open Classes
Closed             03/31/18          Spring Break

Week 1             04/07/18
Week 2             04/14/18
Week 3             04/21/18
Week 4             04/28/18
Week 5             05/05/18
Week 6             05/12/18          Picture Day
Week 7             05/19/18          Open Classes

SAT 9 – 10 am
Ages 5 – 7

SAT 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Ages 7 & 8

SAT 10:15  – 11:15 am
Ages 10 -15

SAT  10 – 11:15 am
Ages 8 & 9

SAT 9 – 10:15 am
Ages 10 – 15


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