Put your love in action.

How do you want to use your gifts to serve God and to serve others? Contact Wil Forrest, Coordinator of the iSERVE Ministry, at 412.441.3800 x114, or via email to discuss your options. An important first step is completing your Time and Talent Interest Inventory. Please take a moment to complete an iSERVE “Time and Talent Interest Inventory”. These quick forms are available in a paper copy on the table outside the east transept, or you can download the PDF. Return it to Wil Forrest’s folder in the office or to Wil directly. We each have an important part of the gifts that together make up the whole for ELPC which is what serves our church, our community and our God. Share your part. Microsoft Word - i SERVE LOVE IN ACTION Logo

weSERVE List Helper

Do you want to be a part of a ministry that is flexible and meets one-time needs?
Ministry: weSERVE list helpers will be those who step up as a group of ready, willing and able servers who will respond to needs in the ELPC community. These folks will receive a brief notice periodically when assistance is needed and requested from the iSERVE ministry. These requests will be church, member and community related. Often they will be time-sensitive needs that could not be previously advertised / planned in advance.
Commitment: Totally up to you! Get on the list and when an opportunity to serve arises, if it fits your schedule and interest, then help out. If not, do nothing.
Skills needed: Varies, based on the individual task. Mainly a servant heart! Consider being part of this important ministry that will enable us as a congregation to more nimbly and effectively respond to need in our church community.

To get on the WeSERVE list, contact Wil Forrest.

Service Opportunity Descriptions


Do you respect God’s Word? Do you want to have a more active role in worship? On-the-job training. Can be every week or periodically.
Ministry: The Beadle meets in the Narthex before worship to put on a robe and pick up the chancel Bible. During the opening worship procession, the Beadle carries the Bible in, puts it on the pulpit and sits in the back of the chancel. At the end of the service, the Beadle takes the Bible and recesses back to the Narthex. This job is crucial for the ritual of worship. It is a great first time service opportunity.
Commitment: About 1.5 hours/week on Sunday morning during worship from about 10:45 am–12:15 pm (9:45–11:15am in the summer).
Skills needed: You need to walk a distance and up steps, carry ten pounds, and sit in the chancel during worship.

Bulletin Preparer

Do you want to play an important role in preparing for worship?
Ministry: The Bulletin Preparer works with others to prepare the weekly bulletins in the main office.
Commitment: This job requires about 2–3 hours a week on Friday afternoon. On job training. Can be every week or periodically.
Skills needed: Use of copier, folding paper, collating paper, must be able to do repetitive motions. There will be training.
This job provides an important service while allowing a predictable commitment and sharing the work and fellowship with others.

Christmas Decorator

Do you like to celebrate the season while making ELPC look even more festive?
Ministry: ELPC Christmas decorators hang garlands and wreaths, as well as decorate trees in the church, typically in early December. Decorations are usually taken down in early January.
Commitment: Come to one date or both. Come for 30 minutes or until we are done. You choose.
Skills needed: Ability to walk and carry various decorations. Christmas spirit.
If you are interested, please just show up. For more information, please contact Stefani Danes at

Cathedral Concert Host

Do you want to make ELPC an even more welcoming place?
: The Cathedral Concert Hosts are the smiling, helpful individuals welcoming folks and distributing bulletins at an ELPC concert.  Sometimes this involves helping collect a free will offering and/or hosting at a post-concert reception.

: This ministry requires one-time participation on the date of the concert from about 45 minutes before the start time to about 15 minutes after it concludes.

Skills needed
: This person first and foremost must have a heart for hospitality.  Must be able to stand for about an hour and to move around the concert space as needed.  Will work with concert coordinator

This ministry provides an important service to our church by creating a hospitable environment for many visitors and other event attendees.

Church Tour Guide

Are you proud of our beautiful church building? Would you like to share it with others?
Ministry: The Membership & Outreach Committee is looking for those interested in working on a team who will lead tours of ELPC. Tour guides are people who enjoy working with visitors and members of various ages to help them explore and learn about our beautiful building.
Commitment: Available for periodic tours of the building at various times and days when tours are requested or pre-scheduled. Two pre-service training sessions about the church, its history and its architecture will be provided. Training will be scheduled to accommodate a group of volunteers. This is a one-year commitment with the opportunity to continue in the role beyond that.
Skills needed: Tour guides need to be able to walk for 1–2 hours while leading tours. Some stairs are required.
This is an important service needed for our community and visitors to share the gift of our building.
Contact Wil Forrest for more information or to volunteer.

Circle of Faith Volunteer

Do you believe that God’s love extends to all people? Would you like to help with a special part of a multi-faith celebration of God’s love?
Ministry: The Circle of Faith volunteer works with a team of about 20 others and helps with the unifying activity at the Circle of Faith Pittsburgh event this summer. Learn more about this gathering at on Facebook.
Commitment: This is a one-time commitment held on a Sunday in Schleney Plaza in Oakland. Brief on-site training will be provided to instruct the team of volunteers about their roles during the unifying activity which takes place the last 15 minutes of the event.
Skills needed: Must be able to get self to and from Schleney Plaza for event. Must be able to lift and hold about 20 pounds and follow instruction.
This is an important role to make this public event come to life!
Contact Wil Forrest for more information or to volunteer at or 412.260.2554.

Club 116 Dinner Provider

Do you like to cook and see many young folks enjoy your food? Ministry: The Club One Sixteen dinner provider prepares/purchases a meal for 35 youths at Club One Sixteen on Wednesday afternoon and brings meal to ground floor of church about 4:30 pm.
Commitment: Any Wednesday afternoon during the school year.  Time includes preparation, delivery and optional serving time.
Skills needed: Able to prepare and deliver large amount of food. This important task needs to be done each week to allow for Club One Sixteen to function and provides a delicious/nutritious meal for a community of young people from our ELPC community and church family.

Club 116 Cookout Assistant

Do you want to help the youth of our church celebrate another academic year’s end?
Ministry: The Club One Sixteen cookout assistant works with Wil Forrest and others on the team to prepare/purchase a meal for about 50 youths, their families and volunteers for the end-of-the-year cookout.
Commitment: Once a year. Meals are served in the Courtyard at around 6 pm. Setup is usually from 5–6 pm,  and cleanup is at 7 pm. There may be some prep time before the event if you are bringing food to share.
Skills needed: Able to prepare and serve food with a team.
This event marks the end of the Club One Sixteen year and is a good time to celebrate the young people from our ELPC community and church family.

Communion Show Bread Preparers and Presenters

Does your family (of any size) want to play a special role in worship and with our holy sacrament?
Ministry: The Communion bread preparer and presenter “family” is at least two related or non-related folks who will purchase or bake the loaf of bread that they will present during the hymn of presentation to be blessed and broken during the Communion service.
Commitment: Includes preparation time, meetings, etc. About 1 hour mostly around 11 am worship.
Skills needed: Must be able to obtain or bake a loaf of bread. Must be able to bring the elements down the center aisle from the Narthex to the Chancel. If someone cannot climb stairs, the Pastors will come to the bottom of the Chancel steps to receive the elements.
This ministry creates an opportunity for folks of all ages to participate in our worship life together. Create time for family to spend time together baking, and hopefully to discuss the purpose of their baking/preparation together. Deepen an understanding of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; added meaning through participation.

Community Mission Work Days

Looking for an opportunity in our church neighborhood that can fit an individual or a family? Join us the first Saturday of each month in our work days with Open Hand Ministries and Garfield Community Farm. Usual hours are from 9 am–3pm, or any portion you can come. Projects include working on renovating houses, preparing and harvesting plant beds at the community garden, and other projects. No special skills needed! All ages welcome: families, adults, high school youth. For details on upcoming projects, contact Emily Rosenthal by phone, 412.963.0139, or via email, for more information.


Rides, a service of AgeWell Pittsburgh through Jewish Family & Children’s Service, will soon offer rides for senior citizens who do not drive and who want to go to doctor appointments, shopping, to the hair dresser, to classes, or to attend religious services. They are currently recruiting volunteer drivers who have a couple of free hours & who want to make a difference in a senior’s life. They are encouraged to:

  • call AgeWell Pittsburgh at 412.422.0400 (speak with Ellen Leger or Maxine Horn) 

EECM Youth Worker Volunteers

The EECM Children & Youth Program is looking for bright, motivated and personable volunteers who are interested in working with students during and after school.
L5 Program (Fulton Elementary School)
Monday–Thursday 2–5 pm
ExtraOrdinary Tutoring (EECM Community House)
Tuesday–Thursday, 3:30–7 pm
If you are interested, contact Tracy Hudson at 412.345.7124 or as soon as possible.

Front Desk Hospitality

Help make ELPC an even more welcoming place! This job provides an important service to our church community and it sometimes allows our guards to attend to other important matters.
Ministry: The Front Desk Hospitality role is the first person that visitors, members and friends encounter and sets the tone on how we are viewed. This person also is an important aid to people and to our community.
Commitment: This job requires about 1–2 hours at a time. Most significant time of need is weekday lunchtime. On the job training. Can be weekly or periodically.
Skills needed: This person first and foremost must have a heart for hospitality, but also be able to answer phones, provide directions and screen visitors.
Contact Wil Forrest via email for more information.

Marketing & Advertising Coordinators

Help share the good news and great programs of ELPC with our community!
Ministry: The Marketing & Advertizing Coordinators work with the staff and Membership & Outreach leadership to form and implement a dynamic annual marketing and advertizing plan for ELPC.
Commitment: This job requires a few hours periodically to work with other leaders in developing and implementing plans but also impromptu time responding to opportunities as they arise.
Skills needed: This person first and foremost must have a heart for the mission and programs of ELPC. Some knowledge of and skills related to marketing and advertizing is important. Experience with the MircoSoft Publisher and Pittsburgh market for advertizing is helpful.
Contact Wil Forrest for more information.

Snow Mover

Do you like to play in the snow? Have a servant heart and a strong back?
Ministry: Snow movers will agree to be on a call list for when building staff need assistance for snow removal from church walkways and entrances.
Commitment: One time or more, based on weather-based need and your availability.
Skills needed: Ability to get to the church when there is snow and ability to work in the cold to help remove snow from church walkways. This is an important service needed so worshippers, visitors and others might safely enter the church. We encourage our youth, who are able, and with adult supervision, to help out in this area.

Usher Captain

Do you want to help set the tone for Sunday worship? Are you good at organizing?
Ministry: The Usher Captain identifies those who will serve as ushers and greeters for the 11am Sunday service. Organizes those who will serve. Follows-up with those who have served. Also distributes bulletins before service and takes an attendance count during the service.
Commitment: Includes preparation time, meetings, etc. About 4 hours a week, mostly around the 11 am worship.
Skills needed: Needs to be organized, able to recruit others, willing to work with people, a good manager of people, responsible, dependable, can work with diverse people, good communicator, flexible. Must be able to climb stairs.

Welcome Table Host

Want to help ELPC live into its goal of radical hospitality? Ministry: The Welcome Table Hosts are the smiling, helpful, individuals welcoming and offering information to visitors before and after the holiday worship services.
Commitment: This ministry requires one-time participation on the date of the worship service from about 20 minutes before the start time to about 20 minutes after it concludes.
Skills needed: This person first and foremost must have a heart for hospitality. Must be able to arrive early and stay late after worship.

In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, we are reminded, “to not neglect the gift that is in you” (1 Timothy 4:14). Instead, individuals are called to put our gifts into practice; so is our calling as the congregation of ELPC. By dedicating the use of our gifts, our church and our community will not only survive, it will thrive!