Session at ELPC

The Session is one of the governing councils of any Presbyterian church. It exists to help the congregation do several important tasks, such as:

  • Provide that the Word of God be truly preached and heard, inviting all people to participate in God’s new creation;
  • Ensure that the sacraments of communion and baptism be rightly administered and received, committing ourselves to be present in solidarity with the marginalized and the hungry as we bear witness to Christ’s saving death and resurrection; and
  • Nurture a covenant community of disciples of Christ, giving ourselves in service to God’s mission.

At ELPC, the Session is comprised of elders (ordained officers) who are elected for three-year terms of service. The current church Session consists of 25 women and men, as well as youth elders who serve shorter terms. The Session meets at least nine times a year and delegates their ongoing work to the following eight committees: Christian Education, Youth & Young Adult Ministries, Finance & Stewardship, Membership & Outreach, Mission Board, Personnel, Property, Spiritual Life, and Worship, Music & the Arts.

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January 16, 2018
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