End of July Construction Update

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You no longer have to travel to the Ground Floor or the second floor to see the construction work in progress. Recently, demolition began in both the Women’s and the Men’s restrooms by the Highland Ave. entrance. The ceilings are gone in there now, and soon work will begin to update them and make them ADA compliant (exchanging locations, too—Women’s will be Men’s and vice versa).

The Whitfield entrance and new Ground Floor Lobby area continue to progress and carpet is on its way for the second floor offices and classrooms. We are still looking at Rally Day on September 10 to begin using the new and improved children and youth classrooms. The adult classes are likely to be a bit more transient for the first half of the year.

Please continue to keep everyone involved in “Building Our Future”—architects, construction workers, church employees and church members—in your prayers.

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