• Church School
    Classes for All

    At ELPC, we offer Church School classes for people of all ages on Sundays from 9:45–10:45 am. We encourage you to try different courses to find the best fit for you in your faith journey. Your questions, insights, doubts, and concerns are welcome.

    This week's programming
  • Cathedral Concerts at ELPC

    Join us for the 6th season of our Cathedral Concerts series, featuring seven exciting performances! Our Social Hall, Chapel, and stunning Gothic Sanctuary will provide a perfect backdrop for great music. All concerts are free.

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  • God Created You.
    God Loves You.
    Be Yourself!

    At ELPC, we affirm and unite the shared identities of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning/queer & allies, as well as being people of faith through our intergenerational, safe, and welcoming faith community.

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  • Building Our Future

    As East Liberty changes, it is a vivid reminder of the central role our church plays in our immediate neighborhood. Now is the time to prioritize safety, bring our 80-year-old building up to code, and become more energy efficient.

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As a reminder, ELPC will be closed on Monday, February 20.


  • Feb

    Taizé Prayer Service

    Wednesday 7:00 PM

    ELPC offers evening prayers with chants from Taizé…

  • Feb

    Journey Worship

    Sunday 8:45 AM

    Join us for a lively service of spirit,…

  • Feb

    Sanctuary Worship

    Sunday 11:00 AM

    This service is held in the Sanctuary on…

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Church Life

  • Feb

    Labyrinth Prayer Walk

    Monday 7:00 AM

    The labyrinth is an ancient, sacred symbol found…

  • Feb

    Handbell Choir Practice

    Tuesday 6:00 PM

    ELPC’s handbell choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings from…

  • Feb

    Centering Prayer

    Tuesday 7:00 PM

    Drawn from the ancient Christian contemplative tradition, centering…

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Hope Academy of
Music and the Arts
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Because it is through the arts that we come to know ourselves, and each other, in the fullness of our humanity.

Our Programs

  • Cathedral Concerts

    Please join us throughout this season for an exciting and eclectic mix of organ, piano, brass, and vocal music.  Click here to view the 2016-2017 season!


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  • The Labyrinth At ELPC

    An Ancient Tool For Individual Walking Meditation And Prayers

    Regular Schedule: Open early on Mondays, from 7 am–1 pm, and Wednesdays, from 9 am–9 pm. Be sure to check the calendar for any schedule changes or updates!

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  • Open Hands Ministries

    ELPC partners with other East End churches to support Open Hands Ministries, which strengthens neighborhoods through moving people from renters to first-time homeowners. Are you willing to join us in this empowering mission? Come and see!

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  • Club One Sixteen

    Youth gather at ELPC for fellowship, study, play, and mission activities on Wednesdays in September–May, from 3:30–7:30 pm. Come make friends and make a difference in God’s world!

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  • Connections Dinner

    Sign up to be part of our informal fellowship groups, who meet every 4–8 weeks in one another’s homes for a simple meal and great conversation.

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Cathedral of Hope

We are often asked “Why the Cathedral?” Admittedly, a cathedral is not typical of the Presbyterian faith. That said, we do not have a typical approach to our faith. The Cathedral of Hope is meant to serve as the central hub in the community-a place for people of all beliefs and walks of life to gather and worship, celebrate, hold meetings and events, or simply find a moment’s peace. Our doors and hearts are open to you.

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