Sunday Morning Church School

Here at ELPC, we believe children and youth are deeply spiritual people with great theological questions. We offer Church School classes each Sunday morning—9:45–10:45 am, early September through early May—to foster these gifts and to help students learn the stories, vocabulary, and actions of the Christian life in a loving community.

Young Children’s Ministry (Infants–age 2), First Floor Nursery

Coordinators Carmen Blanco, Clare Bochicchio, MeShawn LeVert, and Lauren Ward lead this class for the youngest members of our faith family using the Wee Children at Church curriculum, a denominational curriculum for nursery-age children.

Pre-school, First Floor Nursery Suite

Pre-school age children (age 3–5) enter into the stories of our faith through play, interactive exploration and prayers. Teachers Sherry Anderson, Kristine Conley, and Jan Pressman create a loving and joyful classroom for students with the help of the Gospel Light curriculum. A light snack is served.

Kindergarten and 1st Graders, Room 240

The kindergarten and first grade classroom uses the Godly Play curriculum. Godly Play uses Christian language—parable, sacred story, music, silence and liturgical action—to help children become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. It encourages wonder, imagination and discovery in children as they hear and respond to key Bible stories. Teachers Valire Carr Copeland, Roberta London, and Judy Menk are gifted story tellers who invite children into God’s love. A light snack is served as part of a weekly liturgical feast.

Grades 2nd & 3rd, Room 244

The second and third grade classroom continues using the Godly Play curriculum introducing students to new biblical stories. Teachers Mary Evrard, Carol Hoehn, and Nancy Magee challenge students to explore their faith and to know God’s love. A light snack is served as part of a weekly liturgical feast.

Grades 4th & 5th, Room 227

Teachers Linda Benedict and Kay Shissler guide students in the exploration of the Biblical stories based on the Revised Common Lectionary through the use of the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum.

Middle School (Grades 6th–8th), Room 239

Using scripture and the PC(USA) curriculum We Believe: Faith Questions the class dives into what the Bible means for us in today’s world. We dig into topics ranging from faith and science, sacraments, war, and being Presbyterian. Teachers Damon Bethea, Sara Hackett and Bill Johnson create an encouraging and supportive classroom for youth to share, question, and be affirmed. Bagels or a similar breakfast food is served each week.

Senior High (Grades 9th–12th), Second Floor Parlor

Where can you find wonderful friends to talk with you about anything you’re interested in? Where can you share all of the joys and concerns of your week and know that someone wants to hear them? Where can you learn about and discuss God, Jesus, and the Bible in a friendly, open environment? Where can you get great bagels and hang out with the coolest people at ELPC? Senior High Church School – that’s where!!! Come join us on the third floor next Sunday to see for yourself! The class is taught by Nicole Molinaro-Karaczun, Eddie Willson, and Jen Willson, using the  “Re:Form” curriculum.