Adult Christian Education at ELPC

malawi-2012-0385-mal_700x200Christian Education (CE) is the life-long process of learning and living in relationship to God, our neighbors, and ourselves.

All CE classes meet for the Church School hour on Sunday mornings from 9:45–10:45 am, from early September through early June, unless otherwise noted. For more information on our CE offerings for children and youth, click here.

We encourage you to try different courses and programs to find the best fit for you in your faith walk. Through the study of scripture and the practice of prayer, we begin to understand our life experiences as they relate to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Come and join us! Your questions, insights, doubts, and concerns are welcome. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact the Rev. Schoenewolf, associate pastor of educational ministries.

Adult Christian Education


Contemporaries | Harambe Room (during renovations)
The Contemporaries are an intergenerational fellowship of men and women seeking to live as faithful Christians in the 21st Century. This year, we wil pursue the challenge to work out our own theology. We will begin by examining how our rapidly changing understanding of the universe enriches our understanding of the God of Creation. Next, we will discuss dialogues between Phil Tillich with Pittsburgh professors of theology and the subjects of Psychology, Culture, Society, and Health. Later, we will consider politics, immigration, and other current issues in light of our faith. The class is organized as a discussion, led by laity and clergy. The Contemporaries class is facilitated by Mary Alice Lightle and meets in the Second Floor Parlor, unless otherwise noted.

Journey With Scripture | Second Floor Library
The Journey with Scripture class reads together various Scripture readings listed in the Revised Common Lectionary. These readings span across the entire Bible. The class members seek encouragement from God—towards the direction of steadfast love, justice, and faithfulness in their lives. Jan Lyle Irvin (M.A. in Biblical Studies), Lora Bethea, and other class members facilitate the class. Prior knowledge of the Scriptures is not necessary for participation. View the Sunday or daily lectionaries online.

Seekers | Highland Room (during renovations)
The Seekers wish to grow in religious understanding, insight, faith, and practice. Seekers classes create a space for spiritual and intellectual exploration, enrichment, and sharing. Together we seek a broad, inclusive dialogue, including respecting and learning about other faith traditions. All viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged at our classes. The Seekers class is facilitated by Gwen Puza.

Soul Food | Third Floor Music Room
Soul Food is an adult class that focuses on feeding our spirits and nurturing our awareness of God’s presence. We use a prayerful, contemplative format that includes small group discussions of spiritually nourishing texts and personal experiences. New participants are always welcome! The Soul Food class is facilitated by the Rev. Joe Hajdu and other class members.

Young Adults | Room 224
Young Adults in their 20s and 30s meet once monthly during the Church School hour on Sundays. This fall, we will engage in Bible study and prayer. Look at the Young Adult Ministry’s calendar events for more details. Fair Trade PLUS Café Justo coffee is served at each class and childcare is available in the Nursery. Young adults are an important and dynamic part of our church life and ELPC provides a range of opportunities to come together, share, learn, and grow as Christians. Whether you are single or married, living alone or in a group, working, job hunting, in college, or a little bit of everything, we welcome you! This can be a time of great change in your life, and so we offer a range of small and large group activities especially for those in this exciting (and sometimes scary!) time in your lives. Contact Wil Forrest with questions.