Church Tours

6429-christ-and-peter_400x634From time to time, we offer tours of our magnificent Gothic-style cathedral, including a Tower Climb for the adventurous. The tours are not held on a regular basis, but they are announced in our weekly NewsFlash and monthly Reaching Out newsletters.

ELPC was built in the style of the Gothic cathedrals of Europe. This style emerged in the twelfth century, mainly under the influence of the Cistercian Order and Abbot Suger of St. Denis, Paris. The Gothic style is characterized by the use of pointed arches, the emphasis on light mediated through colored stained glass, and the cruciform floor plan. For more information, view about our architecture and history.

The church tours include discussions on ELPC’s architecture and art, and its many stained glass windows (made by several different artisans). Tours also include a discussion of the symbolism in the church, particularly in its hand-carved wood and stone works, as well as an interweaving of the histories of the city of Pittsburgh and East Liberty Presbyterian Church.