Vacation Church School

Dear Families and Volunteers,

It is with regret that we have to cancel this summer’s Vacation Church School at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. We are entering an exciting time of renovations to our church building, but unfortunately it has become clear during the past few days that the renovation work occurring during the summer will prevent us from freely using both the Second Floor and Ground Floor spaces. While we could accommodate a smaller number of VCS kids and creatively use the other spaces available to us, it was decided that these necessary changes would not let us present the best possible program for our church family and friends. Plus having children moving around an active construction site did not seem like a wise or safe option to pursue.

We know that canceling this program will be burdensome to many families who were counting on VCS as a summer opportunity for their kids, even as we want to be mindful of the schedules for our adult volunteers, many of whom take time off work to help out. Therefore, we are working on alternative ways that ELPC children, youth and adults can gather as a community and explore our faith together this summer. We will be sending information about this to you shortly.

Please let myself and the Christian Education Committee know if you have ideas of creative ways we can celebrate community, grow spiritually, and support all families this summer.
Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns or ideas. We hope that we will see you all soon!


Sara Hackett